Mentis Training and Consultancy Ltd was borne from a passion to help others who had, or are currently affected by their mental health. Not just those, but also those who have yet to experience some form of mental illness. It can affect any one of us at anytime and we have to try to prepare ourselves for when it does; mental illness does not discriminate.


Education plays a huge role in this which is where we come in. Michelle shares her own experiences in in the hope it will help others. Click on the links and watch her VLOGs and powerful interviews. Some are hard hitting and one has some swearing it in but it is in context to the situation. 

Michelle's Personal Story

The STIGMA Project

The True Meaning of Strength

Journey to the Invictus Games

Confronting My Abuser

The Big Sleep Out

First Female with RAF Regt

#behindthemaskiam Challenge

Journey to Invictus Games

Suicide, What If

#onechallenge Episode 11



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