Michelle Partington

Founder and CEO

Trainer, Coach, Consultant


"Having spent 23 years in the Royal Air Force, working my way through the ranks before commissioning into the Officer branch, I have had a vast amount of experience delivering courses, lectures and advice to cadets, peers and bosses. I also trained as a coach and mentor early on and I am blessed to be able to bring all those skills to Mentis. 


Those who have read my story will know why I set this company up and I strive to deliver the best possible personal training and support to both individuals, through to huge global businesses. Using our own unique style the team deliver a service which cannot be copied elsewhere. Yes, content can but the way we deliver cannot because we give ourselves. We also have some fabulous partners working alongside us to deliver the complete package to you.


I am a qualified MHFA Instructor, facilitator, coach, mentor and stress consultant." Michelle Partington

Sarah Tapper



"I am a qualified MHFA Instructor and I am proud to be working alongside Michelle at Mentis. I have a background in training and management for some of the UK's most respected brands. I am passionate about mental health and raising awareness about how it impacts and affects others.

Through my own personal life, family, friends and colleagues, I've had experience with stress, anxiety, depression, dementia and eating disorders. I have also had the opportunity to listen to, work with and learn from people who have experienced trauma, self-harm, PTSD and panic attacks.

As an MHFA Instructor and associate my goal is to raise awareness of the effects of mental ill health. I feel it is important to take the time to learn about what triggers our emotions, and impacts our health and wellbeing. If we can reduce the stigma associated with mental health we stand to improve the lives and relationships for people across England." Sarah Tapper

Ben Dawe


"I was extremely lucky to have been offered the opportunity to work with Michelle and the Mentis team as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. I am currently a Support Officer at the University of Liverpool where I provide support and care to students and staff in mental health crisis. This role has given me first hand experience assisting a person in a mental health crisis. I use these experiences in my delivery of the 2 day mental health first aid course.


Previous to working with Mentis and the University of Liverpool, I served 12 years in the Armed Forces in a frontline unit, deploying on operations to Iraq and Afghanistan. During this time I have experienced extreme stress and anxiety, as well as seeing colleagues and friends develop PTSD. 


My life experiences and current job role have made me very passionate about mental health first aid, raising awareness and combating the negative stigma surrounding mental health." Ben Dawe

Charlie Ryman


"Excited to be joining the team at Mentis as an associate. I have over 20 years experience working with children and young people within the education and community sectors. As a qualified MHFA Youth Instructor it is my pleasure to educate, raise awareness and increase understanding around mental health and positive wellbeing. Working with young people and the community it is clear some people need that extra support, care and understanding at times. Lets build a support network together and end the stigma surrounding mental health.

Qualifications include: JNC Youth and Community Worker, PGDip Post Compulsory Education and Training, BA (Hons) Sport and Recreation." Charlie Ryman

Chris Mullen


"I began my journey in mental health after suffering with anxiety and depression, following the sudden death of my mother and consequently I went to qualify as a counsellor myself. At the time I was working in Aviation and used the skills gained to go into Human Factors Training, where I also went on to recruit and manage other trainers in addition to course development.


I continued counselling on a volunatry basis for several years and now still have a small practice of private clients.


I began working as an Associate Trainer & Facilitator 11 years ago and have worked as a Trainer & Wellbeing Consultant for many large organisations and Government agencies.


I am qualified to deliver MHFA England, Assist Living Works Suicide Awareness and I am also a Mindfulness Teacher. I am delighted to be part of such an ethical and passionate team" Chris Mullen

Chris Murray


"I am extremely passionate about mental health and wellbeing. I have significant experience delivering awareness sessions and presentations to large numbers of people about my personal journey, MG awareness and delivering Adult Mental Health First Aid. I have experience of this in the Civil Service working across governement and with the private industry. I constantly strive for continuous improvement and development, reviewing my practices to make and embed necessary improvements.


I have been working closely with smaller businesses and those in/who represent the LGBT+ community." Chris Murray


If you are a qualified instructor in the following courses and would like to join our growing team, please complete the form below:


Mental Health First Aid (Adult, Youth, Higher Education, Armed Forces)


Stress Resilience

Other MH training

To join the team at Mentis you must be two years post training. You will then be asked to co-deliver two courses with one of our experienced trainers to ensure you fit the teams ethos and standards. You must continue to uphold quality training standards and stay current by presenting a minimum number of courses annually.

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