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“I believe MHFA training should be compulsory in every sector. Mental health should be valued just as much as physical health. When it gets cold outside we rush out and stock up on vitamin C but when it comes to mental health people need to learn about the possible triggers and techniques to recognise and help if an issue arises.”

Nicole Pickett


Michelle is available for seminars, conferences and events as a speaker. 

Her honest and humble approach on life will see tears as well as laughter with your audience and you are guaranteed to be blown away by Michelle's passion for success and her willingness to survive.


Your team all have mental health that needs looking after, just the same as their physical health. Need a strategy putting in place to increase employee engagement and stabilise your retention? 

one to one

Group workshops and training's are not always direct enough to manage certain situations. One to one well-being coaching is often necessary to support you along your journey

stress management

Improving on your everyday functioning. Stress is a major factor in today's life although too much stress can be very damaging. Having the tools to manage your stress effectively will ensure that you have a balanced life.


Tailored workshops to suit your needs. With our in-depth knowledge and skills, we can deliver a wide range of interactive and engaging sessions to really boost your understanding and skills

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