• Michelle Partington

When a hero comes along.

Throughout my blogs and through my talks I raise awareness for PTSD & mental health. I don’t do this because I want special treatment, I just think its only right that we be afforded equal recognition, acknowledgement and treatment as the physically wounded of war and medical illnesses.

Looking at the amount of suicides over the years it can be said that mental health can be seen as a life threatening illness. The lack of support from health workers and the government, coupled with the lack of knowledge as well as cuts and delays to providing mental health services, all contribute to those suffering finally giving up to find some peace. This should not be happening to anyone. Only this morning Manchester council have stated they are cutting funding for mental health as part of a money saving ‘initiative’. This news just proves the level of importance that is placed on mental health illnesses. The world would be in uproar if funding was cut for cancer and cardiac patients. Tell me what the difference is….

There is less and less help out there and sufferers of a mental illness end up relying more and more on family and friends for support, despite the fact that those supporters have very little, or no knowledge of their illness.

Every single person has someone who they have looked up to throughout their lives and I think it is important to acknowledge them. My hero throughout the whole of my life has been my grandad. He has never ever judged me and always been there for me no matter what. A lot of people throughout our lives will inspire us in many ways but there will always be a constant. When ‘the system’ let’s you down there is always someone there for you.

Please would you consider supporting an amazing charity who help people such as me? I will nominate 5 different people to take a selfie with their hero, donate as little as £1 and then nominate forward. I have started the donation off and have posted a selfie of me and my hero. Text: PTSD69 and amount I.e. £1 and text to: 70070.

Without these charities who give so much time and effort to helping those with mental health illnesses there would be even less assistance out there. Let’s be the voice for those who cannot speak out…


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