• Michelle Partington

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So I phone the clinic to change my medical appointment very early in the morning as I know I will reach the answer machine and not a real person. I cannot really explain why but all I know is that I become anxious at the thought of having to make a phone call, especially when it related to my treatment etc. It is not only when I have to make a call, it is also when I have to answer a phone so I tend to leave it to go to answer machine the majority of the time. I find it easier to text or email because I know emotion won't come into the equation in any way. I find it hard to talk about my current situation and when I am asked on the phone how I am my standard response is 'I'm ok'. I have only just booked my accommodation for the night prior to my med board because I didn't want to make the call. When the phone was answered it was someone I knew and it floored me. I didn't know what to say so I was polite and impersonal. I never used to be like this and it is awful. This is however where I find myself now. I do call back eventually though xx

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