• Michelle Partington

Not such a bitter pill to swallow.

So how has my first few days of medication withdrawal gone then? Actually a lot better than I thought after the initial hurdle!

I had a terrible couple of days feeling really dizzy, headaches and funny tingling as well as blurred vision. I felt awful and almost went back to full dose. However, I now sit here with mild dizziness and tingling in my head which also feels a little heavy but manageable. I think I may actually smash this and will be sticking with it. I almost didn’t but I am so pleased I didn’t give in too quickly. I knew it would be a difficult process but I’m hoping it will all be worth it.

My treatment actually comes to a close on Wednesday morning and I will be in a position to talk about the process I have been going through. My friends have already recognised that The Shellmeister is sneaking back slowly but determined. Following over 2 years of treatment I’m hoping I can finally say with certainty that it has reached its peak. Watch this space….


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