• Michelle Partington

Michelle asked you for an extra life.

How many times have you received a notification on Facebook asking you to send a life or an extra move for someone on Candy Crush, Dice With Buddies, Bubblewhitch Saga or other such games and shouted “For heavens sake will ya give it a rest”!!!!

The next time you receive a game request just take a second before you delete and curse the person who sent it. Take a second to consider the fact that although a game request may be an annoyance to you, it may be a life line for the person sending the request.

My gorgeous Nanna and Grandad play games on their ipads as it keeps their minds active. And as the saying goes ‘a game a day keeps dementia at bay’. My mum plays games on her ipad to give her something to think about and they keep her mind occupied.

I used to play games just to keep myself amused but now I play them for an entirely different reason. Another symptom of PTSD which affects my life right now is poor concentration and short term memory. I cannot settle my mind on anything because my mind is so very busy. Imagine your sat in front of your computer screen working on an assignment with a deadline. As your concentrating hard on something a pop-up appears on your screen. You go to delete it but then another pop-up appears, then another and before long your screen is covered in them but the more you delete the more the pop-ups appear. That is how my mind is virtually all the time. Focusing on these mindless games helps me concentrate on something other than traumatic injuries or being under fire. It helps me escape from what has become the new ‘real world’ for me. To play Dice With Buddies (Yahtzee) I have to think of good combinations of numbers to gain the maximum number of points, using brain mater. Candy Crush, well we all know what that game does. It’s quite satisfying to play but seriously people, how on earth do you get past level 347 because it’s really beginning to frustrate the heck out of me!!

I will just add that my previous therapist suggested playing the games would help keep my mind from drifting so I’m sorry peeps but it’s medicinal! 😆


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