• Michelle Partington

Let people be.

I was sat watching the TV this morning about a debate around the abortion law in Alabama. Oh my goodness, I was shouting at the TV, I was furious!! Not a good start to the day and god only knows what the neighbours thought (I live by myself)!! I also learn that 16 other states across American are pushing for the same law to be passed.

To be honest, a few topics from today’s news have really got to me and compelled me to write this.

Alabama is proposing a law to state that abortion is illegal because they are ‘pro-life’. They are pushing for a law to be passed that, regardless of how a baby was conceived a woman should not be ‘allowed’ to abort it. Not under ANY circumstances. Not even if it involved incest, rape, or there is a serious health risk to the mother, I mean seriously!! It isn’t new to anyone who follows my blogs that I was sexually abused as a child. So, if I became pregnant following these acts, this law would mean I would have to have the baby!!! COME ON!!! The act of abuse is traumatic enough, to then conceive a child through such an evil act is just not something I would want to consider.

I can imagine it’s not an easy choice to have to make, to abort a life growing inside you. However, let’s look at the science briefly. For the first 8 weeks it is an embryo, developing organs etc. Its not until after the 8th week that it becomes a foetus. I get potentially why people would want to preserve a life but once it is an actual life. Some would argue that it’s a life from the start and everyone has the right to their opinion. Just like everyone has the right to do what they think is right for their own body!

I also get that for a very small number of people abortion can be too easily available, and this small number use it as ‘just another method of contraception’. Yes, I’ve actually heard someone say that! I believe the laws should be tighter for reasons such as this, but not going back to antiquated views and opinions. For some women it was a genuine mistake to become pregnant, ‘lost in the moment’. For others, they could have been using contraception but for some reason it failed; either the condom split or the pill failed which can happen. Blimey, even some antibiotics can knock the effects of the pill off course.

Then you have the more sinister routes as to how women are pregnant, by the means mentioned above. Let’s imagine being raped then finding out your pregnant, you’ve genuinely wanted a baby for so long yet this one has been conceived through hate. How psychologically harming could that be for the mother? It’s a huge emotional battle if the women decided to keep the child. If they also dont believe in abortion and went through the pregnancy to give birth, what percentage of them would look at the child and be constantly reminded of that horrific incident? Some would argue that you would grow to love the child but evidence shows that a huge majority dont. This then results in 2 individuals who are really not happy…. and don’t get me started on the court cases developing at the moment around rapists and abusers ‘awarded’ rights to sharing custody of a child!!!! The other thing we have to consider here is that if this law is passed, women may start to look for other options for aborting the baby outside of the law, which could put them at further risk…..

Bringing it back into my original point about Alabama trying to push this law because they believe in pro-life…… Alabama has the death penalty and has a huge percentage of gun crime. Is it me or is there a contradiction here somewhere?! Alabama is also a state where a very high percentage of the population oppose gay marriage which brings me onto my other points from today’s news.

The other story, or 2 that I heard about today also angered and upset me. I read about a family who’s son passed away overseas and they are refusing to ship his body home because they found out he was gay, and has brought shame on the family. I will just let that sink in for a second….. their own flesh and blood…… Finding out someone is gay, lesbian, trans, non-binary, or any other life choice, doesn’t suddenly make them demons. They have felt like this, perhaps for years before you found out, yet you loved that person and would lay down your life for them prior to you finding out. Now, for the parents of that poor lad who wont even bring his body home. The LGBTQ community are the ones raising funds to bring your son ‘home’ to give him the burial he deserves! For all parents and other individuals out there still holding bigoted views on sexuality and gender etc, your child is still the same person as the day before you found out they were gay. They havent suddenly grown another head or become a different being, they are the same person as the one you put the phone down to yesterday, but not before telling them you loved them. Nothing has changed except they have opened their heart to feeling and experiencing genuine romantic love for possibly the first time ever.

For the parents forming part of the argument against educating children in schools around LGBTQ, do you want to be the parents of the child who took their own life because they had to hide who they actually were? Do you want to be the parents of a child that lives in utter confusion because they cant work out what’s happening in their body and mind, when they become ‘interested’ in someone of the same sex? Or perhaps you want to be the parents of a child who’s picked up your bigoted views and starts persecuting and bullying others for their life choices? How proud will you be as parents then. Just asking for a friend…..


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