• Michelle Partington

Laughing in the face of....

Laughing and being around others who are laughing brings on an amazing feeling, one I wish I could bottle up and bring out when the need arises.

When I wake up in a morning, for the first few seconds everything feels great. Unfortunately clouds seep into my world, sometimes pretty quickly and other times with a welcoming delay. I can dwell on these moments or I can make a positive out of it, which is what my evening workshop was all about.

With headphones on, volume up to shut out the humdrum I caught a bus into Manchester. As I descend the bus I was consumed by the amount of people around but to be fair it was early evening. My heart was pounding but I focused myself on where I needed to be and started walking. Once I was past the queues of people I was able to breathe a lot easier and my heart was calming down again.

I was the first to arrive at the venue for the comedy workshop so I bought myself a pint for dutch courage. Apart from the instructor I didn't know any of the others but it all soon settled and everyone got on great. It was such a good laugh learning how to perform stand-up comedy. There are 4 training workshops and then we go live on stage for 1 night only. I feel its important to bring some light relief into where I now find myself so by performing I hope to be able to help raise awareness of mental health issues through this medium. So, show me the mic

For the first time in a long time I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I learnt skills to work on a 5 minute comedy sketch and left having had such a great night and met some new friends. Laughter is good for the soul and is most definitely one of the best medicines I have taken! I urge anyone who is feeling down to put on a comedy show and have a fabulous belly laugh. Even if it doesn't last long, those few minutes mean everything in a dark world.


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