• Michelle Partington

If you cut me do I not bleed?

Aside from my blog and Facebook page I took to the media to get the word out there today, talking about a subject which for some reason, despite the number of sufferers, remains a taboo subject, a stigma. It is a topic avoided by so many but why? Is it because it is something you cannot see? Ignorance is bliss? So many different types or reason for the mental illness? If you can't see it then it isn't happening?

A fractured limb takes on many forms; greenstick, open, closed, complicated etc. An xray will confirm this and can be fixed and heal. Internal injuries can be detected by x ray, ct scan, fast scan etc and can be identified and treated. Physical head and brain injuries can also be detected and treated.

So despite the fact there are many types of mental illness; bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, PTSD etc there is still so much confusion, delay in treatment and lack of acknowledgement. The brain is a very complex organ. The brain has many different functions and helps us to talk, move, feel, sense, feel pain, breath and so much more. Nerves managed by the brain throughout our body trigger muscles, tendons and joints that assist in the movement of our limbs, assist the organs to keep us alive and gives us memories etc. We all accept this so why can we, the sufferer, or others accept when the brain malfunctions in some way causing an invisible injury.....a mental illness?

It is important for everyone, medical experts, sufferers and the general public to recognise that invisible injuries are real and deserve recognition and treatment just as much as a heart attack or a broken limb. It should be spoken about at any opportunity in order to try to 'normalise' the 'taboo'. Today I formerly opened up to the media and will continue to do so at every opportunity afforded me.

Please click on the link below to hear my interview with BBC Radio Manchester. Forward 1hr 20 mins to reach the start. Thank you as always for your continued support and please spread the message.



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