• Michelle Partington

I AM….. me 

I am lying on my bed relaxing after an epic and emotional few days in London. For those who follow my updates, you will know that since January I have been training hard to win a place on the #invictusgames 2017 team.

I have been driving up and down the motorway, sitting in roadworks, to attend training camps. Each of these camps saw us being pushed to our limits, at one stage seeing me vomit in a bin during a session. I was also really strict and kept up with my training programmes just to give myself half a chance.

Well, all that hard work paid of and on Tues this week the Invictus Games 2017 team was announced and I’m in it!!!! I know right…. it still hasn’t sunk in properly. I’ve been selected for the rowing and powerlifting teams. I had hoped but never once imagined I would be selected. I haven’t competed in any sports in my life and always came last in training I did as part of military courses. I am now about to represent GB as an official athlete; part of a 90 strong squad.

I think I’m living proof that if you want something that much, and you push yourself beyond capacity then you can do this to. Going through all this training, having a purpose and a focus again has given me the firs back in my belly. If you have been injured through service then you to can do this. YOU can achieve your goals…. I AM.

I will be keeping up my blog with my journey as it unfolds but for now I’m signing off and going to bed with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart that I did it. Good night all xx


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