• Michelle Partington

Friends are the best tonic

I'm just lying in bed and my head is buzzing with all sorts of things. I had a terrible night last night but had quite a good day today with only a couple of minor glitches.

I ate breakfast with my gorgeous grandparents then went for a cuppa with my mum before setting off down to RAF Cranwell for an appointment. I was really happy because I was spending the afternoon with my dearest friend Lozzie who I haven't seen since I moved up north. It was bloody brilliant to see her but also made me realise just how very much I miss her, Meesh & Bertie. It was great to see the pooches playing well today although they did look pretty shabby afterwards!!

I also had chance to catch up with Mrs McManchester and then off to have a brief catch up with Dawn & Luke where I stayed for the evening. Friends are so very much the best tonic anyone can have. Friends who accept you warts and all are priceless and I feel blessed to have them in my life. I absolutely felt amazing after seeing everyone rather than being isolated in my prison. It is such a long time since I felt like this but it was also a bitter sweet moment. Being back on camp was truly hard because I never wanted to leave the RAF and here I am, back at my previous unit.

I have my first resettlement appointment tomorrow and then I guess things start moving closer towards a 'life' in civi street. I just want to be sorted now so I can settle into what is next for me. I'm hoping to use my experience and turn it into something positive for others. I have lost people out of my life through lack of understanding about PTSD, and also lost my career also. I don't want that to happen to other people so if my negative experience, which I am still living in, can help others then it is almost worth it. I have been booked to deliver 2 talks both at RAF Warrington & in Budapest, and I'm hoping to be invited for more.

If you know any organisation, conference or small gathering who would like to hear about my journey with PTSD then get in touch via email to: stigmaorenigma@gmail.com.

PTSD & mental illness in general needs to be talked about and I'm not afraid to do so.

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