• Michelle Partington

Finally taking a right turn…

I haven’t written a blog for a couple of days and I am going to abstain from writing one for the next week or 2 because I am going through therapy. I have been under treatment now for the last 2 years or so. EMDR, CBT & desensitisation therapy, all of which have their uniqueness and work for different people in different ways. Sadly these methods didn’t work for me. I was offered various other methods of treatment from some very kind practitioners and I would like to thank you for that.

I am glad to say I have agreed to some treatment which I am embarking on. I have an open mind and live in hope that this journey has a positive outcome for me. I will pop in and out of my blog but I won’t be talking about my treatment until it has finished. The end of this particular treatment is planned for 29 Apr and I will then let you all know how I get on. I live in hope that it will work for me.

Thank you all so much for following my blog, I truly am blessed. I hope it has helped some of you to know your not on your own. I have been in some really dark places but there is a reason I have been holding on. I truly hope you identify your reason and you find a way to climb out of the bubble you are in. Right now I am living in a bubble, trapped from the outside world by the demons within. I am giving my life the chance it deserves to climb out of the darkness. You have held onto your life for a reason, cling to that reason and use it as the foundation for climbing back out of hell.


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