• Michelle Partington

Falklands remembered.

This day 33 years ago Argentina invaded the Falklands. So many lost their lives – RIP 258 brave souls. However, a great number who returned ‘intact’ live through that war day after day after day. PTSD has been in the news a lot recently (with me in it to be fair)! Sadly most of the coverage surrounds those who served in Afghanistan or Iraq. Many of the statistics produced are from those 2 wars alone. Most of the charities are assisting those sufferring following those 2 conflicts and others are turned away.

So what about all those with PTSD symptoms from previous conflicts? Today as we think of the Falklands War I am aware of many gents who struggle with symptoms diagnosed or even worse, left undiagnosed, 3 of which I know personally. Shall we look for them on the streets as they sleep rough, in the prisons where their symptoms got the better of them, in the corner of an empty house where once a family laughing together would be heard. Or should we visit their grave because they couldn’t see any other way of fighting off their demons.

Sadly too many sufferers are forgotton despite the news coverage surrounding PTSD. Interestingly during the election debate Nick Clegg stated that their party will put Mental Health on the same level as physical health as far as NHS services go. No other panel member made reference to it at all. The random audience member outburst fights for the Vets though – go girl!! This provides evidance enough to me that the government are not doing enough and admit that mental health is not afforded the same standing as physical health. Such sad times…….

Stand down brave soldiers your job is done xx


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