• Michelle Partington

Don't Suffer in Silence

From the contact I have received following this page and my blog it is apparent there are so many of us in a similar situation. Social anxiety; locking themselves away. Numb and unable to communicate their thoughts and concerns to others who don't understand what your going through.

I would like to make a suggestion on how we can perhaps help each other. If anyone would like to make contact with me so we can start talking then please feel free to email me at: stigmaorenigma@gmail.com. At least you can talk openly about what you are going through and how you are feeling with someone who understands where your coming from. Just having an outlet can help and you may make new friends along the way. Obviously I won't be able to offer advice as I'm not qualified but we can discuss coping mechanisms which may help. We could call it our very own self help group.

Depending on how this goes and if you guys wish to, I could then put you in touch with others in your area so you can make contact. Who knows, new friendships could be formed from the most horrible of circumstances.

It's also open to anyone who is supporting sufferers and who want help in trying to understand. It's difficult to open up to loved ones so it would help to have this outlet. I know it massively affected my relationship but I think my past also had something to do with that. I also lost friends due to not being in a position to socialise and some stopped asking me. Lozzie and Meesh where my constant friends, so to were Angela, Mandy, Kerry, Rachel and Suzanna who I met through the comedy scene.  

I would love to hear from you so please email anytime. If you cannot email or do not have access then please send your address via private message on my Facebook (PTSD - Support Mental Health and end the Stigma) and I will write to you. There is someone here who understands and we could all help each other.


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