• Michelle Partington

Covering over the cracks

The plan for this evenings blog was to continue talking about the symptoms I am experiencing and how they have effected me so far. However, yesterday's blog was really difficult and it has taken me most of the day to rid my mind of it.

This in turn affected my productivity in decorating my new house. I was planning on a full days work but my mind wasn't in it and only stepped foot in there after 2pm and left at 4.30pm having not completed very much at all. The work I commenced was to full in the cracks in between the woodwork and the walls. It was a little life lesson in itself if you think about it. You can fill up the cracks but the cause will still be there...

....shit me!!!!! Just heard a bloody big bang and my heart is racing!!!! Oh the joys of bonfire night approaching, I cannot wait!!!! Where was I; oh yes covering up the cracks without identifying and rectifying the cause. It may be ok for the short term but eventually the cracks will reappear. Face the cause head on.... this I hope I am doing by opening up. In doing this though it brings everything back. It has to be done and will hopefully be worth it.

I'm sorry but I cannot continue writing this and to be fair I was going to delete it but this is part of what is happening in my life right now so I will leave it up. I just want to say thank you to all of you following my blog and also those who have stood by my side even when I haven't been very pleasant and not very nice to be around.

Time for an early night ready for a full day in the house tomorrow fingers crossed. My heart is still pounding from those bloody bangs!!


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