• Michelle Partington

Bridging the gap.

Drug free for a good few days now which I’m really pleased about. I am still experiencing side effects such as a sharp rush of noise like a metal sheet banging on a stone floor and slight dizzy spells that actually to be fair are ok because they are reducing considerably. I do not see why I would now falter on being medication free now, especially as the symptoms are getting easier to manage. Happy days.

Throughout my journey one thing has been so very evident. If you do not have support then there is little reason to hold on. Everyone deserves to have someone they can ‘sound off’ to, they should never have to feel alone. It is difficult to have to be placed on a waiting list for treatment you need here and now. The only other option available is to go private and some people cannot afford to. Tragically what happens at this point is that people give up. They see no other escape from the nightmare they are trapped in. I have been so very close to this point so many times and for this reason I have made the decision to try to fill a much needed gap in the service.

I am currently working on setting up a new charity which will primarily be web based. The website will hopefully be up and running very soon. It will have a private chat room for those suffering with a mental illness as well as those supporting. It will be a room where all can share experiences and coping strategies that have helped individuals get through. The website will also provide links to a free, online counselling service by qualified therapists. There will be links to alternative therapies along with providers offering this service. The charity hopes to provide information sources to assist a vast array of concerns. There will be opportunities for families to receive ‘time-out’ vouchers to enable them to enjoy some quality time together in a safe environment. As well as being an online communuty there will be an outreach service to enable us to reach the homeless & those without wifi. Other services will become available as the charity progresses.

The charity page will have a donation tab to allow anyone to make a charitable contribution to the cause. Donations can be made through PayPal using: stigmaorenigma@gmail.com. If you feel you could assist in some way with this venture your support would be gratefully received. If you can provide a service which could benefit the cause, wish to contribute financially then please email for further details. For those of you wishing to use the service please continue to follow my blog for further updates. The charity will officially be launched on World Mental Health Day, 10 Oct. Please help me fill a gap in the system and try to put a stop to the needless loss of life xx


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