• Michelle Partington

Behind The Mask Charity launch.

May I ask all my blog followers to share this event. 10th Oct sees the launch night of a new charity I am in the process of setting up.

I’ve been pulled strongly into wanting to set up this charity to try to fill a gap in an ever declining system. Sadly too many lives have been lost to waiting times; people just gave up because they couldn’t see any other way out. Simply having someone to talk to may have been all that was needed. Someone independent to them, who wouldn’t judge them or wouldn’t be hurt by what they had to say. If there had been some way of talking to someone who wouldn’t have made them feel weak or ashamed for wanting to end their life. Someone who wouldn’t judge them or think them a freak for “fu..ed up in the head” as someone once described me.

The aspiration for the charity is to provide an online, secure website where you can access free online counselling as well as peer support through a chat room. It will also be a signpost to various other charities who are there to assist you. You don’t even need to travel anywhere and sit in front of a complete stranger. You can access the help from the safety of your sanctuary where you will be in control.

The launch of the charity will hopefully raise enough money to be able to cover the initial set up costs of the website build, CRB checks for volunteers, policy and marketing. As well as the important safeguarding and other training required in providing a safe environment for users and volunteers alike. To do this I am calling on the support of you all in the way of donations and/or by purchasing a ticket for the launch party.

The night brings with it great entertainment from Chris Malony (x-factor), DJ Actor Wil Johnson (Wire in the blood/Emmerdale), MC and comedian Sophie Willan (BBC). Patrons of the charity Nik & Eva Speakman will also be in attendance, as will I of course. There will also be hot food and a live auction during the evening. By supporting you are helping provide free online counselling to vulnerable people. Come along, have a great night, safe in the knowledge you will be making a difference to someone’s life. I was in a dark place a number of times and it’s really not a good place to be.

If you would like to book tickets then get in touch via email: support@behindthemaskcharity.com or call 07854192444.

£40 for a great night with friends = 1 life saved.



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