• Michelle Partington

Another train journey…

Just sat in the cafe window at the rail station and watching people on the other platform. There is a lady directly opposite me who has a huge pram, one of the really old fashioned ones with the big wheels. There is a huge storage area at the bottom which is rammed with plastic bags full of what looked like clothing of some sort. She’s just stood rocking it and it’s kinda making me a little sea sick so will have to stop watching her. There is an elderly couple, the lady dressed appropriately but the gent looks like Richard Madeley did when he did the Ali G impression; it just doesn’t look right. As long as he’s comfortable though. There is a young lad who has just been in here putting pound coin after coin into the fruit machine but not really getting anything out of note. The little he did win just went straight back in. Next to him is a middle aged guy who looks really edgy, he’s pacing around the platform so I wonder what is going through his mind. There are a couple of young girls sat on the bench eating sandwiches and one of them has dropped her packaging and left it there. Seven out of the 11 people on the platform are on their phones!! I really love people watching but I have to sign off for now because my train is due; be back shortly.

Sat on train now after an interesting walk through the 1st class carriages to my seat! I’m wearing a t-shirt with my tattoos on full display, and a baseball cap and the amount of people who looked down their noses at me. I’m not being funny but you can’t judge a person purely on their looks. I wore my cap because I was having a bad hair day but I don’t need to justify it. I like being comfy when I travel end of!

Back to people watching in the carriage. There’s a man eating a packet of crisps seriously loud. He was so rude to the train staff when they brought the trolley down the carriage. Almost demanded what he wanted, never looked up and never said please or thank you. He wasn’t the only one either. Why do people have to be so rude to the staff. Sitting in first class doesn’t give you the right to look down your nose at anyone or be rude to anyone. Those guys work really hard for us and are really polite every time. Manners cost nothing and go a long way in brightening up someone’s day. I bet sometimes when they are being so polite, they are envisaging punching rude people in the face!! Hahaha, that just really made me giggle loudly and people looked up!

There is a lady sat directly to the side of me who literally took one of everything they offerred off the trolley. Same said lady has sunk 4 vodkas and is looking a little puddled. She is sat with a laptop on the table and an iPad next to her. It looks like she’s writingvan essay or report, hope its not important if she’s had a few! Or maybe it helps!! The lady behind me was on the phone, not really hiding her conversation about the fact she’s going to London to testify in a court case. Is it bad that I wanted her to expand on it? 😉 Once she’d finished her conversation she went off to the loo and when she came back I nearly choked again!! She was way over the top with her perfume and I felt like I was chewing on it. One of the gents is doing a jigsaw on his iPad I noticed when I passed to go to the loo. I wonder where they are all going and what they are doing? Everyone has a story eh…

I started to feel a little sicky with the motion of the train. This is the 3rd time in a row this has happened now, not sure why it’s suddenly affecting me. I wondered if I was hungry so I ate a bit of fruit cake which I swiftly started to choke on. People just stared at me rather than rushing to help me! Obviously I thanked them for their help once I could speak again!

Thanks to Virgin Trains for looking after us. As always a very top service!!

Thankfully I’m now in my hotel room and reading up on my Tedx talk tomorrow. I’m a tad nervous about it because I do like to talk; I know I hide it well though 😉


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