• Michelle Partington

All you see is the tip of the iceberg

I think it's time to work through the signs and symptoms (S&S) of PTSD, or at least the ones that are having an impact on my life. The list is not endless and each set of S&S is unique to each individual dependant on the cause and severity of the trauma they have been exposed to.

It's important to firstly identify that there are 2 types of diagnosis: PTSD and complex PTSD. PTSD on its own may be the diagnosis for someone who has been exposed to a natural disaster, car accident or a sexual assault. Complex PTSD is a diagnosis for someone who has experienced repeated or prolonged traumatic events such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, bullying or operational exposure.

The S&S result from emotional or physical health problems as well as psychological issues. Suffers have to accept that the world and the person they once where has changed. Accepting this is extremely difficult and can have a massive impact on a persons life. Sadly people are taking their lives on a daily basis because they cannot handle or understand what is happening to them, they cannot communicate what is happening to them and subsequently no one around them can understand. It is a very lonely, scary place and it takes all your will some days to even stand up and get dressed.

Reading a list of S&S is not enough to help you or your loved ones understand what's going on inside. In most instances it is only the tip of the iceberg which is exposed. That is why I have decided to conduct a post mortem on myself, open myself up, lay myself bare to let you know what is going on inside me. It is going to be extremely difficult for me to do this but I will be completely honest. I have to be if I want this to help myself, other sufferers and those who love and support us.

I have been diagnosed with complex PTSD and the next few blogs will explain in-depth how the S&S are impacting on my life. I won't go through them all, just the ones which have and still do severely debilitate me (and/or those close to me) in some way.


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