One-one support


Mentis appreciate the challenges we face in life and that any life changing event can just swoop in and knock us off our feet. This can be enough to knock us off course and sometimes we need support to get back on track. There are times when that support cannot be delivered by peers, family or friends because they are too close to the situation. Also, group settings do not work for everyone and therefore it is important to recognise the need for one-one support.

We provide this in a number of ways, delivered by our expert team or in conjunction with one of our expert partners. Sometimes clients require more than one level of support and this is why we have connected with some great support networks in our partners. Collectively we can provide you with the support and step up you need to get back on track. Feel free to email us for a no obligation chat.


 We work with individuals or companies experiencing an issue that is holding back the growth of the employee or business.


Our support will enable you to become self-sufficient and continue to improve long after our sessions are complete. Each of our coaches and mentors have an array of skills including leadership, management, care sector, mental health sector. We work by keeping things simple and completely to your set goals and objectives which we will set during the first full session.


What's Involved?

Our relaxed sessions will allow you to take control of any personal or professional limitations which act as blocks in the journey to growth. The sessions are responsive to your needs, we take time to understand the internal and external restraints currently acting as a barrier.

We start by getting to the route of the problem(s) in your current business or practice. We will then look at where you want to be and then support you in setting the goals and objectives to help you reach a more positive end state. The coach will then support you through implementing your action plan. Periodically we will review and assess to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goal.

Who we support:

Individuals or businesses - basically anyone!

What we support with:

Living with mental illness

Working with mental illness

Supporting someone with mental illness

Preparing to return to work

Support in looking for employment

Drop in performance due to illness

Regaining focus and purpose

Regaining control, confidence and self-belief

Stress management

Increasing performance

Improving motivation

Increasing self awareness in daily life

Creating and maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Managing personal development through illness

Managing team conflict in the workplace

Conflict management and handling difficult situations

Number of sessions?

First initial, complimentary telephone call or meeting (30 mins)

Monthly 1-2 hour sessions either face to face or online for a period of up to six months with support in-between these sessions.

The best way to find our if we can help and whether you can work with us is to contact us and we can have an initial, no obligation chat.



workplace MEdiation

Most workplaces have a scheme in place to send flowers and get well cards to employees who go off sick. However, following investigations, in the majority of those companies 92% do not extend this to those off sick with mental illness. How do you think this makes them feel. Are we therefore not surprised when they dread coming back into work and have the added complication of their peers and in most cases, their line management don't know how to react. Another thing that workplaces struggle with is keeping in contact with employees whilst they are off sick. Unfortunately the employee may feel like they are bombarded with phone calls asking when they are coming back to work or you cannot get them to pick up the phone. Sometimes, especially with anxiety and depression, your employees are not in a position to pick up the phone so we need to try other ways of making contact.


Through the art of mediation, our accredited team provides a dynamic, structured, interactive process where our team will provide an impartial third party to assist disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialised communication and negotiation techniques. All participants in mediation are encouraged to actively participate in the process. Mediation is a process that's focuses primarily upon the needs, rights, and interests of all parties. Our team uses a wide variety of techniques to guide the process in a constructive direction and to help the parties find their optimal solution. A mediator is facilitative in that she/he manages the interaction between parties and facilitates open communication. We are the first line of defence for your business against the stress of a formal grievance, or to assist in the return to work of your employee.


We support you by:

Being a point of contact between parties whilst individual is off sick

Assisting with a phased return to work

Assisting individual to stay in work with support from employer

Assisting line managers to manage employee whilst off sick

Assisting with any communication problems

Supporting your employees through difficult change

We come to your site and work with you and your employees in person to fix disputes and repair relationships because your other options are dismissal, , a resignation or a toxic working environment. They are options that nobody wants.

Mediation is voluntary. At the first meeting, a mediator will talk to you about what happens in mediation so you can decide if it’s for you. If you decide you do not want to mediate, they’ll tell your employer mediation is not possible. 

Mediation is also confidential. The mediator will agree with both sides which information can be shared outside the mediation and how. If you do not reach an agreement, anything that’s been said during the mediation must be kept confidential and cannot be used in future procedures. 


 To find out more about how we can help and whether you can work with us is to contact us and we can have an initial, no obligation chat.



 Mentis and its partners are pleased to be able to offer professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal and psychological issues 


Our qualified therapists use their trained skills to listen and help you find ways to deal with emotional issues. We support independent clients through to global businesses. We can deliver support by delivering on site as an open door service. Mentis also provide an online service via zoom or skype for those unable to attend in person.

Between the team and our partners we can offer CBT, Talking Therapies, Person Centred, Mindfulness, NLP, Integrative and Humanistic Therapy.

 To find out more about how we can help you as an individual, or if you are a company wanting to organise in house visits, please contact us and we can have an initial, no obligation chat. Initial 20 min consultation is free.


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