"Mental illness does not discriminate."

Life has a habit of jumping out and knocking us off our feet when we least expect it. Most of the time we can handle anything life throws at us but sometimes, when our vulnerabilities increase along with our stress levels, we can have an almighty fall. That's what happened to our Founder and that's why Mentis Training and Consultancy was born. Life changing events can happen to any of us at any time and we have to be ready for it.

 Mentis promote mental fitness, recovery from mental challenges, guidance on how to support yourself, as well as enabling living with coping mechanisms. Through our training we provide support to help you identify what you can do to support yourself or others to stay mentally fit. We can help you identify when things may be 'getting too much' and help you identify ways in which you can rebalance.

Let us help you and/or your company stay mentally fit, help identify and assist with any potential hotspots, and help you build a strong support system for everyone.

Don't suffer in silence - take the mask off and lets sort out what's hiding behind. If you source help early it may not lead to anything long term.


What we do

Through first hand experience, Mentis Training and Consultancy knows the importance of mental fitness and resilience. We know that life can get in the way at times and can knock us when we least expect it. Most of us are not prepared for that and we are here to support you through.

"It isn't a weakness to admit your struggling. Mental illness is as common as a cold."


We have developed an array of services to suit various needs, from running external or internal mental health training and workshops, workplace surveys through to mediation and coaching.


We work with you from initial meeting through to training and beyond to assist you in putting what we have delivered into practice.

"Mental health training is not just a tick box exercise."

We have some great partners so if we don't know, they will.


MHFA Training and bespoke training packages tailored to suit your organisation.


Mental Health annual seminars as well as bespoke seminars for your organisational needs


Motivational & inspirational talks, after dinner speaker and conferences.


Coaching and mediation between employer and employee during periods of sickness, and transition back to work


Providing MH training is great but do you know whatthe source of the problems are? We support you in assessing and providing just what you need.

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